First of all, welcome to the Timezone Junkies! We are really happy you have made it to our website and that you want to know more about us. Timezone Junkies was created in back in 2017 officially, but in reality our travels together as a couple go all the way back to 2010! Together we have now travelled to 28 countries and are planning on visiting many more over the coming years! 

Timezone Junkies
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Who is Malin?

I’m Malin, a 41 year young soul who doesn’t seem to be able to settle down anywhere. I’m from Sweden, a country way up in the north, measuring 3000 kilometres from South to North, that is 2,5 times bigger than great Britain, but with a nearly 10 times smaller population. Let’s say, there’s a lot of space and nature.

I’ve been travelling and living abroad since 2006. I love exploring different cultures, food and to interact with locals and I’m the kind of traveller who prefers to stay longer in places. Through my travels came my interest for film making. Today, I’m a full-time film maker, Travel Vlogger and Video Editor, but I’m also an English teacher, Sociologist and wife.

Malin Cappadocia
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In difference to the typical calm and reserved Swede, I’m more hot-blooded thanks to my Polish roots (my mother is Polish) and I’ve never really felt like I belonged. Even though, it took me until my late 20s before I started travelling.

Between the age of 28 and 29 I went backpacking around South East Asia three times, studied Spanish in the South of Spain and then moved there full-time when I was 30 in 2008.

In 2011 I met Alex who just like me has a passion for travel and since then we’re living this nomadic lifestyle together.

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Who is Alex?

Hey, I’m Alex, a 32 year old from the UK. Ever since moving to Spain for one year at the age of 13 I have had an urge to get out there to see something different. It was the cultivation period of the TRAVEL BUG! In 2008 my best friend and I flew to South America on a one-way ticket and didn’t return until 5 months later!

I started university later in 2008 studying Tourism, Leisure and Spanish. This course included a year of study and work in Spain through Erasmus and I ended up heading to Seville where Malin and I met.

Alex about 1
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Before meeting Malin I, for some reason, had no interest in heading to South East Asia. I was far more focused on Spanish speaking countries. However, after my first trip to Thailand with her I was hooked! The food, the culture, the people and the scenery blew me away and we spent the following years between Spain and Thailand mostly volunteering and teaching English.

After many years of travelling in Thailand and some of the other countries in the area we decided to start hitchhiking and this is where things really started to get interesting! Together we hitchhiked across the world from Thailand to Spain and this project showed us just how kind, generous and hospitable people can be!

Apart from the usual things that makes people travel such as the people, culture, language, countryside and wildlife, FOOD is a major highlight of travelling for me. That’s probably the reason we have spent so much time in Thailand, so much delicious food available at bargain prices!

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