Turkey is a magical place full of lustrous destinations that will impress even the most experienced travellers.  With a wide range of different landscapes there is something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a relaxing week laying on a beach or you want to dive head first into the amazing history, you won’t be disappointed.  As well as the incredible beaches and history there is an abundance of unforgettable landscapes from mountains to beaches to deserts. 

We have spent two months exploring Turkey and can’t wait to head back to see even more.  Even after two months in the country we still feel like we have only scratched the surface. There is so much to see, you won’t regret making a trip to this very special country!

Turkey Flag
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Capital City: Ankara
Other popular cities: Istanbul, Izmir, Trabzon
Currency: Turkish Lira
Language: Turkish
Population: 80.81 million
Religion: 99% Muslim

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